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Kazakhstan Russia's ban on gasoline export ban is expected to be signed in early October.  (2018/9/28 17:01:01)
Mei Guang is banned from selling local memory in China  (2018/7/28 16:08:51)
Reported that most of the new iPhone Foxconn foundry this year.  (2018/7/9 9:56:23)
The US government rejected China Mobile: another threat to national security.  (2018/7/3 14:08:02)
HUAWEI orders 6.9 inch Samsung AMOLED screen or Mate 20 series.  (2018/6/17 19:01:57)
AI+VSLAM visual technology innovation, Ruixin micro help fourth generation of sweeping robot industry upgrading  (2018/5/27 11:01:03)
IPhone X became the world's best selling smartphone in March, and millet ranks among the top three.  (2018/5/22 10:30:46)
In the first quarter, Samsung continued to overtake Intel as the global semiconductor market leader.  (2018/5/19 12:40:34)
The president of the United States has launched a way to provide rapid resurgence for ZTE.  (2018/5/14 17:32:53)
Is China's mobile phone market deteriorating and Apple's revenue in China still growing?  (2018/4/24 12:37:07)
Analysts: the US operator will stop selling ZTE mobile phone if they sell out stock.  (2018/4/20 18:18:48)
Global semiconductor equipment sales are booming. Demand for high school and South Korea is booming.  (2018/4/14 9:36:35)
The success or failure of Toshiba reconstruction in China? Semiconductor memory service is the key  (2018/4/10 14:15:38)
Why is HUAWEI blocked in the US? "ZTE Lenovo" is okay?  (2018/4/2 19:19:39)
Japanese monitors will raise 470 million dollars by issuing new shares.  (2018/4/2 9:48:35)
FCC in the United States is considering making new rules to further restrict HUAWEI's US business  (2018/3/26 18:26:19)
US media: apple, Intel, and so on will be the victims of Sino US trade war  (2018/3/24 12:10:54)
IDC: the popularity of smart watches has risen to about 1/3 of this year's shipments.  (2018/3/22 20:05:06)
The Samsung NAND flash memory plant has been blackout, and the output of the wafer reduced by 11% in the month.  (2018/3/15 15:45:47)
IPhone X failed to bring fire to OLED screen and Samsung faces pressure to reduce production and reduce prices  (2018/3/3 10:23:45)
The government of the United States estimates the bid for high Qualcomm: it is possible to stop the deal  (2018/3/2 14:32:28)
Samsung's share price fell to 20% S9 and was meant to be mediocre to redeem the stock price decline  (2018/3/1 22:42:03)
Dark current surges the wafer market to survive  (2017/12/8 12:51:51)
Infineon launched a package MEMS microphone with a signal-to-noise ratio of 70 dB  (2017/12/6 11:41:26)

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